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Most well-liked Remedies for Constipation

Constipation is an irritating problem of the digestive system. Though, it is referred another way by different persons. For most of the persons, it is referred as the happening of rare stools. For others, it is hardening of stools as well which may be exp… Read >

Swami Baba Ramdev – Herbal Products and Divya Medicines

Swami Ramdev Born in year 1974 also known as Baba Ramdev is in fact an Indian Hindu swami and an passionate admirer of Swami Vivekananda and Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose. He is mainly well-known for his efforts into popularizing Yoga Practices in different … Read >

Fish Oil is good for Wrinkles

Essential oils and wrinkles are connected only by a misunderstanding. Fish oil and wrinkles, on the other hand, may seem to have nothing to do with each other: but properly purified fish oil is a wonderful addition to good skincare.Here’s the misunderstan… Read >

Effective Ways to Cure Your Asthma

One thing about asthma is that it really forces you to change your lifestyle, and you won’t be able to do the things that you always dreamed of doing. Unless you decide to take control of your asthma, and not let it take control of you. The realism beh… Read >

Herbal Remedies for Kidney Problems

Cystone is a exclusive herbomineral formulation to treat and prevent for many urinary tract infection and stone formation. Cystone obviously promotes a healthy urinary tract and helps to maintain a normal urine composition and mucosal integrity. It is a a… Read >

<a href="http://jainish2.articlealley.com/swami-ram-dev-yoga-cd–dvd-book-643360.html&quot; title="Read: Swami Ram Dev Yoga Cd / dvd/ Book“>Swami Ram Dev Yoga Cd / dvd/ Book

Yog Science (Pranayama & Yog Assan) 2 VCDs in English This VCDs Part 1 contains Pranayams performed by Swami Ramdev Ji including Bhastrika, Kapalbhati, Bahya,Anulom – Vilom, Bhramri, Udgeeth and Ujjayee.This VCDs Part 2 contains Yoga aasans for getting… Read >

Make Music with your Computer: An Introduction

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Well guys, I’ve decided to write a short article on how to make music with your computer. When I started out, I couldn’t find anything to help me. I didn’t know what to buy, or where to start. Hopefully this short article will help you in your quest to making music a fun and productive hobby or future profession.

Loops and SONY ACID Software

When I first started to create music I used SONIC FOUNDRY’S ACID MUSIC 3.0. It’s a piece of software that enables you to create music with loops. Loops are small pieces of music, like a drum line or synth line. These loops are only a few seconds long, but, obviously, they loop. This means that you can draw the loop in for 30 seconds, 60 seconds, whatever length you’d like with no distortion or other strange noises when the loop starts over at the beginning. There are many websites and companies that create loops for production use. A lot of them are Royalty Free; this means that you can use them in commercial (for-profit) songs. Each of the companies that create these loops has their own license, which you’ll want to read if you’re going to release an album. The license is usually just a set of rules or terms that say what you can and can’t do with a loop. Most the time you can use these Royalty Free loops in commercial recordings, but you can’t, for example, resell the loops by themselves. You have to abide by the license.

As far as I know SONIC FOUNDRY was bought out by SONY, so if you’re looking for this softwareÂ….

– Do a search for ACID PRO, or visit the link at the bottom of the article

– There are different versions of the software; one of the versions is absolutely FREE

The Reason to create

The piece of software I’d like to talk about in this section is PROPELLERHEADS REASON. This piece of software is much different than ACID. REASON is focused less on loops, and more on programming. When I say programming, I mean using individual sounds, for example, a kick drum, snare, or piano sound. You then use the awesome devices to create patterns. REASON includes a powerful list of devices. Some of the more important are the ReDrum Drum Machine, Synthesizers, and all new in 2.5, the mastering devices. I’m not going to get into this too much, because there’s just too much to tell in this article. If you’re interested in using REASON, I recommend that you get the tutorial CD-ROM from M-AUDIO. It will give you a good idea of how to get started with REASON, and if you think that it will be good for you.

Putting it all together

The great thing about the two pieces of software that I talked about in the previous two paragraphs is this:

– You can use ACID for all your loops

– You can use ACID to record vocals and/or guitars if you have the equipment

– You can use ACID to render your final recording to mp3, wav, aiff, and more

– You can use REASON to program patterns for drums, synths, etc.

(Keep in mind that these two programs can do way more than what’s displayed above)

The coolest part of this whole thing is that you can connect these two programs. Using a technology named “REWIRE”, created by PROPELLERHEADS you can have both of these applications synchronized. Add a loop in ACID, make a pattern in REASON, and have them play back together. When you’re done, you can render in ACID to have the synchronized music as one file, or track.

Wait! I have no sound

Okay, so now you have the software to start creating some awesome music. So the thing you’re missing is sound, speakers, headphones, etc. I use an external sound card by M-AUDIO, called OMISTUDIO USB. This thing connects to my pc with the USB port. It has two headphone connections and two instrument/mic connections with preamp power. It also contains several speaker connections, as well as other connections for mixers, etc.

There are several different types of these external sound machines. Most of them are either USB or FireWire. Most have headphone, speaker, and mic connections and come with the necessary drivers for your computer.

It’s all over

I hope that this short article gave you some ideas to start making music. I plan on writing more articles as time permits. See ya soon!


ACID PRO and other SONY Software – http://www.sony.com/mediasoftware

PROPELLERHEADS REASON – http://www.propellerheads.se

M-AUDIO Products – http://www.m-audio.com

Blues Music Scales – Blues Guitar Lesson

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The sound of someone playing blues on guitar includes a very distinct sound. From Eric Clapton to Stevie Ray Vaughan the sound they might make is usually referred to as smoky because of its alluring power.

To experience the blues you will find a number of tricks to understand from blues guitar scales, blues chords and blues licks. Anyone can study the guitar, some want to be a killer guitar player others just want to become able to take part in the guitar for the hobby.

Most people are confused about where to start learning to play the blues on guitar. Extra cash or time on the system that does not teach those valuable blues guitar scales is really a waste.

A lot of music sheets or types of teaching will overwhelm a lot of individuals due to information overload. The brain simply doesn’t work this way.

It just appears like a page of confusion. Blues scale for guitar doesn’t have to look this way. Asking questions in the music store can be type of embarrassing. Some can be extremely helpful but others either don’t know and can’t be bothered to help you when confronted with questions about what are the best blues guitar lessons.

People want answers once they enter the store, not more confusion. What most people find is that they are either met with indignation or are bombarded with numerous options they simply don’t know how to start. Walking out of a store feeling even more confused and downhearted isn’t how anyone wants to feel.

Learning step-by-step may be the easiest and it is really fast to turn every beginner into a blues guitarist. Within days they will have the technique and the skills to be able to make some hot sounds.

The easiest, simplest way to begin with is definitely the best way to begin with. Learning everything through your guitar chops, riffs, licks and scales will have people jamming within days. By showing a system that’s broken down in steps that is east to understand and much easier to retain.

5 simple what to remember when learning to play blues guitar scales are:

• Choose a course that teaches you patterns and techniques the simplest way so it can be followed

• Learn all about the chords and scales the blues greats play – by learning the names and sounds after which the way to put it in to practice it may then be applied

• As a blues fan means learning how to play every variation and complex sounds, so choose wisely

• Intermediate and experienced guitar players will discover the detail by detail system will open a number of doors which will really mean they can finally quit your day job!

• Learning blues scales combinations with a number of additional chords skills turns an ok guitarist right into a star There isn’t any point throwing out money on guitar lessons that are not effective. Hearing someone play the blues takes people on a journey they never wish to end. Playing the blues yourself means you’ll end up being on a trip of a lifetime that doesn’t have to stop.

Contrary to popular belief not every celebrity is perfect. In fact, some actually like their imperfections and refuse to conform to Hollywood’s standard of beauty. The following celebrities have imperfect smiles and they actually like it that way and refuse to do anything about it.

It’s hard to think of celebrity smiles without thinking of Jewel. The singer songwriter has a beautiful voice, but an imperfect smile. People have long wondered why Jewel has not fixed her smile despite the millions she’s surely made by now. I guess Jewel is comfortable in her own skin and flaws.

Anna Paquin is making huge strides in her career lately with her breakout role in the HBO hit series True Blood. Critics have long put the Oscar-winning actress down for not fixing the gap in her front teeth. One thing you can say about her is that she may not have the perfect celebrity smile, but it is memorable.

There are a lot of things that you can say about singer Amy Winehouse’s appearance; the fact is she is a wreck. However, even when Amy looked healthy her smile was still a mess. The singer has crooked, gapped, and stained teeth. To say she has an imperfect smile would be a huge understatement.

Most would agree that comedic actor Jon Heder does not have a picture perfect celebrity smile. Jon is one of those celebrities that could care less about whether or not he has an imperfect smile. The fact is, this funny man keeps us rolling so hard every time he opens his mouth that few of us notice his teeth aren’t perfect.

If ever there was a celebrity with memorable teeth, rapper Flavor Flav would be him. This flashy and outrageous star has a flashy and outrageous celebrity smile. Flavor Flav replaced his natural teeth with gaudy gold veneers.

To avoid being on a worst smile list, consider orthodontics Newport Beach or implant dentistry South Orange County from skilled
Orange County cosmetic dentist James Correa.

The Most Important Decision You Can Ever Make On Earth!

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If someone were to ask you, What is the most important decision you can ever make in your life, what would your answer be? Would it be your educational decision? Your career decision? Would it financial, geographical or spiritual. What would it be? Well, if you believe in life after death and the reality that you will have to give an account to the Creator and Sustainer of life at some point as to your eternal destiny, that is most certainly the most important decision you will ever make in your life – and no one else can make it for you!

All the other decisions mentioned above – and more, for sure, are very significant decisions to make and I would not minimize them for a moment. But compared to the one that will determine your fate forever, even those important ones pale into secondary status. We all have an appointment with death and with our Maker for “it is appointed unto men once to die and after this the Judgment” (Heb. 9:27). The specter of death is what most people fear the most. But is NOT the most fearful. The last phrase of the Hebrew passage is the most frightening. We must stand Judgment for the life God has given us on earth, directly to the Giver of that Life!

A wise and thoughtful person will take into serious consideration what the Bible forewarns about regarding the future, even if they may not be particularly “religious”.

To think of oneself as more knowledgeable than God Himself so as to ignore His call to be “ready” to meet God at any time, seems to me to be the path of a foolish person.

There is nothing and no one on this earth worth losing your soul over. Jesus the Savior asserted that a man’s soul is more important than “the whole world.” If you don’t thins so now, the time will come than you will be convinced. Hopefully, it will not be when it is too late to do anything about it!

You can find additional info at the following links:

Click Here for more information
Click Here for more information

Friends (Season 7) DVD Review

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Along with Seinfeld and Frasier, Friends dominated the must-see TV of the 1990’s. Winner of innumerable television awards, the show features the lives of six friends in their late-twenties/early-thirties living in New York City – Monica Geller (Courteney Cox), Phoebe Buffay (Lisa Kudrow), Rachel Green (Jennifer Aniston), Ross Geller (David Schwimmer), Joey Tribbiani (Matt LeBlanc), and Chandler Bing (Matthew Perry). The six friends spend the majority of their time in a coffee house named „Central Perk“ or in either Monica’s apartment or Joey and Chandler’s apartment.

The Friends (Season 7) dvd offers a number of hilarious episodes including the season premiere in which all of the friends toast Monica and Chandler’s engagement. In later episodes Monica discovers that her grandmother’s secret cookie recipe is the recipe for Nestle Tollhouse cookies, Chandler expresses his overwhelming fear of dogs, and Dr. Drake Ramoray makes his return on Days Of Our LivesÂ… The season finale features Chandler and Monica’s wedding with guest appearances by Gary Oldman, Kathleen Turner, and Morgan FairchildÂ…

Below is a list of episodes included on the Friends (Season 7) dvd:

Episode 147 (The One with Monica’s Thunder) Air Date: 10-12-2000
Episode 148 (The One with Rachel’s Book) Air Date: 10-12-2000
Episode 149 (The One with Phoebe’s Cookies) Air Date: 10-19-2000
Episode 150 (The One with Rachel’s Assistant) Air Date: 10-26-2000
Episode 151 (The One with the Engagement Picture) Air Date: 11-02-2000
Episode 152 (The One with the Nap Partners) Air Date: 11-09-2000
Episode 153 (The One with Ross’s Library Book) Air Date: 11-16-2000
Episode 154 (The One Where Chandler Doesn’t Like Dogs) Air Date: 11-23-2000
Episode 155 (The One with All the Candy) Air Date: 12-07-2000
Episode 156 (The One with the Holiday Armadillo) Air Date: 12-14-2000
Episode 157 (The One with All the Cheesecakes) Air Date: 01-04-2001
Episode 158 (The One Where They’re Up All Night) Air Date: 01-11-2001
Episode 159 (The One Where Rosita Dies) Air Date: 02-01-2001
Episode 160 (The One Where They All Turn Thirty) Air Date: 02-08-2001
Episode 161 (The One with Joey’s New Brain) Air Date: 02-15-2001
Episode 162 (The One with the Truth About London) Air Date: 02-22-2001
Episode 163 (The One with the Cheap Wedding Dress) Air Date: 03-15-2001
Episode 164 (The One with Joey’s Award) Air Date: 03-29-2001
Episode 165 (The One with Ross and Monica’s Cousin) Air Date: 04-19-2001
Episode 166 (The One with Rachel’s Big Kiss) Air Date: 04-26-2001
Episode 167 (The One with the Vows) Air Date: 05-03-2001
Episode 168 (The One with Chandler’s Dad) Air Date: 05-10-2001
Episode 169 (The One with Chandler and Monica’s Wedding: Part 1) Air Date: 05-17-2001
Episode 170 (The One with Chandler and Monica’s Wedding: Part 2) Air Date: 05-17-2001

I got hp pavilion dv6000 laptop, problem is it is not writing dvd’s.. My dvd drive has stopped reading and writing dvds though it is reading cds. I have tried to uninstall and reboot several times. it’s out of warranty now. is there any way to correct it.


Use the steps in this document to troubleshoot problems that can occur while trying to burn discs with a recordable CD or DVD drive. Start at Step 1, do not skip to other sections until Step 1 has been completed.

Step 1: Identifying the drive in Device Manager

Use the following steps to determine if the drive is being properly recognized by Windows and to find important information about your drive:

1.In Windows XP, click Start , and right-click My Computer .

In Windows 98 and Me, right-click My Computer .

2.In Windows 98 and Me, select Properties , and click the Device Manager tab.

In Windows XP, select Properties , click the Hardware tab, and then click the Device Manager button.

3.Click the plus sign (+ ) next to DVD/CD-ROM Drives (or similar) category.

Figure 1: Drive device name in Device Manager

4.If the CD or DVD drive is not showing up in Device Manager, close Device Manager and use the support document CD or DVD Drive is not Detected .

If the name of a CD or DVDRW drive is listed but is listed as „CD-ROM“, skip to Step 4 to set the drive as a recordable drive.

If the name of a CD or DVD drive is listed, write down the name of the drive and continue to step 2.

NOTE: If the drive name contains an error (a yellow triangle or a question mark), double-click the drive name to read the error message. You can then use this information to search for more troubleshooting information in the event the rest of these steps do not help.

Step 2: Ensuring your system is compatible with the CD/DVD media

Read and understand each of the following items before attempting to troubleshoot further:

*You cannot burn DVDs with the Windows XP disc burning process. At the time of this writing Windows XP only supports CD burning, not DVD burning. To burn DVDs in Windows XP you must use separate software – such as RecordNow or Creator Basic. Please continue using this document if you are having problems burning DVDs with special software.

26.99 USD ï¼Â

Free Anime Music Downloads

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It is pretty tough searching the internet where you can get free MP3 songs which is featured in your favorite anime show. Well, we have listed below some great sites that feature Free Anime music Downloads.


AnimeMP3s.org in my opinion is the best. This site is the only Free Anime music Downloads site that does not have any downloading restrictions, no forced voting, no pop ups, no membership fee, and no spam. You can get a wide variety of Free Anime Music Downloads files, including zipped albums, opening and closing themes, movies, and more. Best part is this site also offers a request section where you can ask the webmaster for a specific anime show.


You can get unlimited Free Anime Music Downloads here from anime movies, theme songs, and more. You will find it easy to get instant access to their Free Anime Music Downloads and all you need to do is enter your name and email address. After that, you are on your way to downloading your favorite anime tunes, plus get a free CD burner. To make this Free Anime Music Downloads site working for you, you need the following requirements: Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP or MacOS X, 64MB RAM, 233Mhz CPU, 5MB disk space, 20GB Hard Drive space.


Sputnik7 is very popular for Free Anime Music Downloads. The site offers several options for your viewing pleasure. Sputnik7’s Video Station section gives you a TV-like experience that features multiple stations on music, film and Free Anime Music Downloads. You can browse their library of music videos, film, and Free Anime Music Downloads or sing and scream along their Internet radio station selected by Epitonic.


Here’s another site that offers Free Anime Music Downloads. Create an account and start participating in AnimeFantasia’s review forums. The site uses AF Peer-to-Peer software to let users share or swap Free Anime Music Downloads. AnimeFantasia is one of the best sites to go to when you’re looking for Free Anime Music Downloads or just information about your favorite anime.


This site is dedicated for fans of Dragon Ball. Dragon Ball Z/GT Legacy is one of the largest Dragon Ball resources on the net. If it’s news you want or information, pictures, or downloads, you can find all that right in this website. Learn everything you need to know about your favorite Dragon Ball character. Get a Free Anime Music Downloads of that one episode you missed watching. Movies, pictures, theme songs – Dragon Ball Z/GT Legacy offers that and more.

By Leon Reinhart

Leon Reinhart is author of music news, music reviews and free downloadable music info at his blog. Discover wide range of free download able music at his Blog.

Visit: http://coolmusictracker.blogspot.com

Video Source: Youtube

Legal Issues Regarding VHS To DVD Transfer

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Caution: Do not take the content of this article to be legitimate legal advice. This is merely for entertainment and speculation.

By this point, we all know just how much more amazing a dvd is than a VHS, leaving you wondering if you can convert your old VHS tapes to dvd to experience that added quality and longevity. Nowadays, you can find plenty of DVD rereleases of old shows and movies, but you might have a VHS tape that hasn’t been given the same treatment, and may never get it. You might even find old home movies that you want to store for prosperity in the DVD format, so they are not lost forever. Given all of the controversy surrounding copyright infringement nowadays, you might be worried about whether or not it’s legal to convert a VHS tape to a DVD, especially if it’s copyrighted material.

There is no straight answer to that question, and a lot of factors play into it, such as your country of origin and its stance on copyrighted material, as it can change from nation to nation. Personal recordings, like home movies, are not copyrighted, and therefore you can do with them as you will, including VHS conversion. This becomes somewhat muddled when you have copyrighted material on a VHS. Let us look at ‚fair use‘ and how that plays into video cassettes and the situation you find yourself in now.

The „Betamax Case“

At the time that Betamax was bought out by Sony, there were film industry execs who grew worried about the public getting this new video format. With Betamax, people could record TV shows, making copyright holders worried and concerned that it violated their ownership of the copyright, which could ruin them. There were also concerns that Congress would not put forth new legislation to protect the film industry, as it had just finished amending copyright law in general. In the end, Sony Corp. was sued by these corporations. The US District Court of California oversaw this case in 1976, where it was alleged that Sony could be held responsible for this copyright infringement, as they were releasing this device enabling that infringement to the general public.

The Supreme Court itself eventually handled this case, and the 1984 „Betamax Case,“ otherwise known as Sony Corp. of America versus Universal City Studios, Inc., was decided upon once and for all. According to the Supreme Court, it was fair use to record a television show using this device, provided that it was meant for time-shifting and watching it at a later date.

Basically, if you wanted to transfer your own VHS recordings of what you saw on TV, or even your commercially purchased tapes, it would not violate copyright legislation, and would be legal. There are situations that can fudge the issue, though. Fair use rights do not necessarily extend to each time a tape is copied no matter what. The method of the media transfer is a vital distinction to make.

The Digital Millenium Copyright Act was put forth in 1996 and combines a pair of treaties the World Intellectual Property Organization put forth into US copyright law. According to this legislation, it is illegal to create devices that are meant to get around copy protection put in place by companies. In a nutshell, taking out that DRM on your iTunes music or other media would be illegal, and a violation of copyright law.

Therefore, even though you can transfer media between formats, it is illegal to do so in a way that goes around the company’s individual restrictions on this process, regardless of the type, making it a very sticky situation to find yourself in. A large discussion is being held currently on whether or not fair use is being violated in this instance, and there will likely be big decisions made in the near future about this subject.

Fair Use

In American copyright legislation, fair use is defined as a method of using copyrighted material that doesn’t require you to ask the copyright holders for clearance. There are so many different situations that this applies to, it is within fair use to record programs from your television. Only America actually uses the term ‚fair use,‘ but there are other nations that have a term similar to this; do your research in your home country to find the laws in that regard.

The Individual Ramifications of this Legislation

Macrovision is the type of copy protection mechanism put in place to prevent transferring of VHS tapes. Macrovision comes in the form of signals embedded into the tape that are meant to keep you from copying the media. You could face charges if you are found using anything that is meant to go around Macrovision in order to record the video. You can find workarounds, though. There are VHS players that are so old that they do not recognize the Macrivision signals, and it is well within your legal right to use these devices to transfer your VHS tapes.

It does not deliberately circumvent the signals, so you are not breaking any laws necessarily. Using things that are specifically meant to go around Macrovision would be illegal, however. Therefore, you can run into legal troubles if you use a separate device to filter out Macrivision signals on a device that does read them. As a result, you can find ways to work around a Macrovision copy protection, as long as it isn’t specifically meant to do that precise thing, and you will not be arrested or charged.

Many Thanks
Keith Gilbert

Hear The Duo Live With Carole King And James Taylor Tickets

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The first time they came together to sing before an audience was the beginning of a magical new partnership. Audiences sought Carol King James Taylor Tickets for their first performance at the Troubadour concert on Santa Monica Boulevard in California during the year 1970. Years later in 2007 they renewed this partnership to recreate the magic. Along with the original band members of ‚The Section‘ including Danny Kortchmar guitar, Leland Sklar bass and Russel Kunkel at the drums they went on to perform for 3 nights to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the show.

Now, you can get the chance to hear this legendary duo and their band in action. The Troubadour Reunion tour will soon kick off. If you get Carol King James Taylor Tickets you can attend the show.

Carole King

Carole King was a songwriter before she became a singer. She wrote songs for many artists before she made her solo debut. In 1971, she had created history by penning the words and recording for ‚Tapestry‘ which went on to sell more than 10 million copies in the US alone. With such a great beginning there was no holding back this talented singer. Along with her songwriter husband Gerry Goffin, she was inducted in to the Songwriters Hall of Fame and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. She was also the only woman at that time to win four Grammy awards. Acquiring the Carol King James Taylor Tickets will give you the chance to listen to her music.

James Taylor

James Taylor was the first non-British singer to be signed on by the Apple Records. In the year 1969 he played at the Troubadour for 6 nights. Partnering with Carole King he released his album ‚Sweet Baby James‘ which was appreciated by both critics and the audience. His hit single ‚Fire and Rain‘ along with the album maintained the #3 position at the Billboard charts and sold more than 3 million copies in the US.

In 2000, James Taylor was inducted both in the Songwriters Hall of Fame and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

The Carol King James Taylor Tickets At The Troubadour Reunion

The Troubadour reunion tour will be launched in Australia in March and the band will travel to New Zealand, Japan and North America in May.

When asked about the concert Carole King had remarked that she was excited enough for the rehearsals alone and she couldn’t wait for the tour to start. You can only imagine the kind of intensity and energy the audience will witness during this reunion tour.

With Carol King James Taylor Tickets you can get the chance to listen to the songs of these two celebrated artists. Mesmerizing the fans with their songs, they will perform with their original band who started from this very own concert.

Tickets are available through online ticketmaster services. You should try to get the best seats. If the best seats are already sold out, you could opt for online auctions.