Since Revelation Means

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Having been a pastor for more than fifty years, I’ve often asked this question myself. We all basically understand the meaning of a “revelation” , it means the opposite hiding or keeping secret. If the Bible is an “unveiling” of God’s truth, then why would God’s people find it so difficult to comprehend the purpose and message of the Book of Revelation? In fact, the first verse of the Book of Revelation declares the purpose of the Book: “The revelation of Jesus Christ, which God (the Father) gave unto him to show unto his servants which must shortly come to pass..”

So, clearly, God’s purpose is clearly stated as , “to show” God’s servants, future events, that God’s people are not totally aware of. Again, this Book is not written to hide the truth or to encourage ignorance, if so, why would God even write a book; or why would he make known future events for His people to understand? That would be contrary to God’s stated purpose. The very first verse of the Book of Revelation, ought to be encouragement enough to proceed to study and learn what the Book is all about.

To think or believe that the Revelation of Jesus Christ is so hard to understand and therefore, to forsake or neglect the study of the Book, is the opposite of believing God or taking Him seriously. The Lord also pronounced a Special Blessing for those who “read and keep (put into practice)” the things revealed in this Book. Interestingly, this is the only Book of the sixty-six books of the Bible, where this specific promise is given. This is one of seven encouragements to read and study this Book, found in the very chapter of the Book.

You definitely CAN UNDERSTAND the Book of Revelation, or God wouldn’t encourage His people to study it and promise a blessing if they do it. Christians need to know, that you cannot be pleasing to the Lord, when you question or doubt the very purpose God delivered this Book Jesus, the Son, and the Son gave it in a vision to the Apostle John (the human author) to show it to all His servants (believers). Is it not a denial of the Bible’s and God’s stated purpose, to avoid or disregard the study of this Book? You decide for yourself. The one thing I know by personal experience is: You CAN comprehend the Book of Revelation!

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